Our nationalist and socialist programme was made manifest in our flag. The red expressed the social thought underlying the Movement, white the national thought, and the swastika signified the mission allotted to us—the struggle for the victory of Aryan mankind and at the same time the triumph of the ideal of creative work which in itself is, and always will be, anti-Semitic.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (Ch. 7, Vol. 2)

There are those that believe the Hakenkreuz, more commonly known as the Swastika, is a symbol which should be avoided for the sake of convenience.  They believe that our people cannot be made to accept a symbol which has negative associations with the Third Reich, and maintain that it would be much easier to get them to accept the ideas without the historic, symbolic representation.   But we must ask ourselves an honest question, if they cannot be made to accept the symbol which outwardly represents the ideas of National Socialism, how could they ever be made to accept the ideas which National Socialism is associated with?

There are countless examples of groups and associations which have attempted to cloak their movements with more harmless symbols, attempting to use “Americana” in their imagery to invoke a feeling of familiarity.  This is in the hope that others will find reason in their message when the symbols which trigger negative or dismissal reactions have been purged from their outward appearance.  Such reasoning is backwards, it is not the symbols themselves which trigger a negative reaction, rather it is the ideas associated with the symbols which trigger this reaction. 

One could use a harmless symbol such as a heart and use it in a way which associates it with principles such as blood and soil, then proceed to watch as their innocuous choice of symbol becomes bitterly hated because of the associations which will be made to National Socialism and its principles.  These people fail to grasp reality and in doing so fail to win anyone new over to these ideas and fail in understanding the significance of the symbols which represent the fundamental principles associated with National Socialism.  To adopt a harmless and innocuous appearance instead of using the sacred symbols which represent these concepts can be seen as nothing other than capitulation.

Any idea which seeks to establish its truth and validity must do so with the understanding it must struggle to carry out its mission in winning over others to its cause.  This is not done by the way of simply adopting new symbols and representations of an idea, it is done by the idea proving its worth in the face of negative public perception.  Should this idea be serious in winning over others to its cause, it must do so with its deeds.  Only through its deeds can an idea win over new adherents, and only through deeds can symbols win positive perception.  Just as a symbol becomes associated with the deeds of those who struggle on behalf of its idea, so too did the sacred symbol of the Hakenkreuz which we hold above our heads and in our hearts.

These flags are not merely an outward sign but represent a living obligation. Hundreds and hundreds have died for you. Tens of thousands were injured. Hundreds of thousands have lost position and profession. But the extreme faith of all has changed this from a flag of opposition to the flag of the Reich.

Adolf Hitler, The Victory of Faith

Through these flags and these symbols we bear witness to the truth that even though they may be hated today, they may be loved tomorrow.  Through our actions and our deeds they will come to be loved and only through our actions will we redeem the very ideas which our symbols represent.  Only through the redemption of these symbols will our ideas come to be loved, for if we cannot get others to accept the symbols they will not accept the concepts for which they represent.  It is with this final understanding that we can realize the significance of the concept which the Hakenkreuz represents. This concept represents our people and the preservation of their existence. This is the concept which is now met with almost universal contempt. Without the acceptance of the Hakenkreuz, never will the idea of our people’s continued existence be accepted. In no world will an “ethno-state” be accepted by our people while the Hakenkreuz is met by them with contempt. In no circumstance will a victory be attained for our people’s racial struggle without also an acceptance of the symbol which represents them in their struggle, for they are one and the same.

This is not something which should bring despair, rather it should be a cause for rejoice and a desire for renewed struggle.  For this symbol represents something far more than just a mere idea. It represents the very existence of our people and the struggle for their existence. We see within it not just an empty phrase or a particular set of principles, we see within it a living obligation and history which unites our people through blood, transcending temporal national creeds and cloths.  Through this holy symbol we can unite our Folk which today exists so very divided and find common ground forever and always.  Through this symbol we will conquer and through this conquest we will achieve what was once sought and carry out the divine mission allotted to us by our Creator.

Let all those who seek a way forward do so under the symbol which so many have sacrificed their very lives for. Let them remember them always and carry them in their hearts and endure every hardship and treason. Let it give those who endure for their Folk the strength to make every sacrifice and give them the courage to do what is necessary to achieve victory. May this symbol forever continue to unite us in struggle and in victory.

“In diesem Zeichen werden wir siegen”