Today, we find our Folk under consistent attack from a wide range of opponents which seek to undo them. The concept of the nation has fallen to the wayside and now we see a world in chaos. It is for this Folk, which is our race and our nation, that we seek to fight against the powers that be in order to create a better world for our people.

We must realize that this struggle cannot be won in just one single nation alone, as this struggle encompasses the entirety of Western Civilization. We do not advocate violence and seek to bring about a new society and a new state through peaceful revolution.

The Folkish Resistance Movement has been created with this realization in mind. We seek to not only win in one nation, but in many. We seek to unite our people into one single front which can bring forth a resistance which has not yet been seen before in our time.

Only together will we overcome the forces which we face today, and it is we who must once again raise the banner of fanatical resistance which represents our people in this struggle. Only then will we be able to triumph over the darkness which threatens our European light, and it is through this banner that we will achieve victory over those who hate and destroy our people.

Our Points

  1. By all available means, work to combat the global Zionist elite and the forces of international finance which have come to dominate the better part of our world and threatens the existence of our people.

  2. The unification of all Anglo-Saxon peoples. Our current situation is not confined strictly to one nation, and therefore cannot be overcome by one nation alone. Only through the combined effort of our people will we overcome the forces which threaten their existence.

  3. An immediate end to all foreign immigration and an end to birthright citizenship. All those who are not of the nation will be repatriated.

  4. Only White people(s) of good stock may be members of the nation. Only members of the nation may become citizens of the State. Those who are not members of the nation will be subject to laws which pertain to aliens.

  5. We demand an end to the corrupt democratic system and its replacement with a true democracy. The right to vote is to be held exclusively by the citizens of the State. The positions of the State are to be held only by citizens and those who are not citizens are barred from all positions of government whether they be national, state, or local levels. All citizens are to be granted equal rights and duties.

  6. We recognize the common interest before self-interest, and believe the interests of the individual must not conflict with that of the nation. In accordance with this, corporate interests will be brought into line with the interests of the nation.

  7. We demand an end to income unearned by work and the abolition of debt-interest slavery. There must be no place for those who draw their sustenance from society without giving anything in return.

  8. Mass media today is a tool which is used as a bludgeon by a handful of financial elites to exercise control over the entire nation. As a consequence of this, media is to be held exclusively by members of the nation. Media which is dominated by foreign interest will be nationalized.

  9. A complete and total reformation of the educational system is necessary in order to give future generations the means necessary to secure the best possible conditions for life through self-assertion. The State places upon itself the interest of the youth and as a result guarantees that every child of the nation, regardless of class, be provided the best possible education for which they are suited.

  10. The State involves itself directly with the health of the nation and seeks to raise its quality of life. The State will seek to combat illness and disease through new government initiatives which place an emphasis of life over profits. Physical fitness and sports are also to be encouraged by the State and made compulsory for the youth.

  11. The State concerns itself with the nation’s standard of living and seeks to eliminate poverty. Under no circumstance will our people be allowed to go hungry or cold. The State must work exclusively for those whom it is created to serve and must ensure that its people are afforded a livelihood.

  12. The State takes an active interest in the cultural life of the nation, and as a result seeks to bring about the highest of cultures. Consequently, all forms of art and entertainment which are harmful or seek to degrade the national character are to be eliminated.

  13. While the State believes in religious freedom and seeks to safeguard the faith of its people, it does so with the belief that religion must not threaten or undermine the existence of the people. Religion is to be by the blood and for the blood.

  14. We demand the formation of a strong central State which will enact these points and secure the existence of all members of the nation. The State is a means to this end and will place above all things the well-being of those whom it is created to serve.