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The Folkish Resistance Movement is looking for able-bodied men in both the United States and Canada to become committed activists. Activists encompass the political vanguard of the movement and participate in all forms of street activism. Activists are expected to maintain good physical condition and always conduct themselves in a way which portrays the organization in a positive light. As an activist, you are expected to be active within the organization and your local network. The organization needs those who are willing to help carry the movement forward in achieving a better and brighter future for our people.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be of White European descent.
  • Must not have issues with substance abuse.
  • Must maintain good physical condition.
  • Must be willing to perform activism.

Avoid the use of any personally sensitive information which could be used to identify you. All applicants will be required to use Telegram.

Real name NOT required.
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Have you read and agree with our 14 points? *