On May 10, 2020, Tommie Lindh was brutally murdered by a Sudanese invader named Abubaker Mohamad whom had tried to rape a young girl. In his efforts to stop the foreign invader from committing this heinous crime, he was stabbed in the process. While Tommie laid incapacitated, the young girl was raped. The knife wound turned out to be fatal, and Tommie lost his life at the young age of 19.

His friends told Nordfront.se that Tommie was an optimist who still saw a great future for his people and loved them very much. He was a positive force on those who were around him and serves an example to those here in America and across the world. In Härnösand, Sweden a memorial service was held to honor his life.

Friends of Tommie lay a wreath from the Nordic Resistance Movement at his doorway where the murder took place. (Photo: Nordfront https://www.nordfront.se/rn-direkt-163.smr)

His death reverberates throughout the entirety of the Aryan world, and it has brought us all closer together. From America to Greece his name echoes as many mourn the death of a young man who sacrificed himself bravely in the face of a heartless attacker.

While Abubaker’s crimes are despicable, blame is to be found not only in him but in those who welcomed him here in the first place. Those who chant for open borders, “equality”, and racial justice. Those with their false kindness, who welcome these rapists and murderers into our nations, without any regard for their own people. It is this false sense of compassion that enables this senseless murder and violence of the young members of our Folk.

Let his death be the rallying cry of a new era. Let it light a fire within you so that it may bring you the strength to fight so that such actions may never take place again. Let his name be etched into your very soul never to be forgotten, and to always count him among the fallen heroes who sacrificed themselves bravely for their people. May the victims find peace and eternal rest as we struggle to ensure that those who commit such actions and those who enable them are held directly responsible and brought to justice.

Sweden: Sudanese Immigrant Arrested for Murdering Swede Who Tried ...
Rest in peace. To Valhalla.

Hail Tommie! Hail Victory!