Here we stand at the dawn of a new beginning. Folksfront has been created with the intention of embarking upon a great, new chapter in American National Socialism. We have seen the collapse of countless oppositional groups in the Nationalist camp and the subsequent despair from this spectacle. Many have embraced a grim outlook on the way forward, and see no hope in living. Many have given up hope in the Final Victory and this has largely been because of the relentlessness of the enemy and the failure of the so-called “Alt-Right” in face of this enemy. As a result, many in the Nationalist camp have abandoned National Socialism as the way forward, placing their faith in other supposed ‘paths’ to victory.

One cannot expect those who have not experienced the despair from the current state of order to take on this struggle. These are people which come from comfortable backgrounds, who do not have struggle outside of their pursuit for material wealth. These pursuits allow them to distract themselves from the reality of our current situation. One cannot be expected to be cured from a poison which has been given to them while they remain unaware of the poison outside of its symptoms. The masses have been indoctrinated into a Worldview of materialistic consumerism and that which they know is all the comforts which make their life easier, or so they think. It is a mistake to assume that these people can or should be reasoned with, and it has been assumed by many in the Nationalist camp that this can be done with appeal and compromise, or what they refer to as ‘good optics’. As a result they do not become the cure which is needed to save our Folk, they become just an extension of those who try to alleviate the symptoms and only let the poison continue to fester within the soul of our people. This too is born from a fear of struggle given to them from the current order.

It has also been a mistake from others in this camp to assume that they can achieve victory through a method which seeks to destroy the masses of our people, through means of subversion and acts of violence against them. There has grown a small section within this camp which seeks to further undermine the fabric of our society by assisting the poison in a false belief that this can help save our people in the long run. Defeat does not bring victory, only struggle and self-sacrifice brings victory. Those who seek to cast down their own Folk for temporary gain have no real fanaticism and are cowards at heart who fear this struggle more than they let on. They do not realize they are within a camp not just as they define it, but within a camp which has led our people to this current state of order in the first place. This later camp that I refer to is that of the poisoner which we know as the Jew.

We cannot achieve any long term success without seeking to cure the poison within the Folk and thus win them over. A relentless struggle must be waged for the very soul of our people and this cannot be waged with cowards who hate their own people for the poison they have been given from birth by a subversive element within our society, which must be removed. One should not blame the victim who has been poisoned, but rather blame that who has poisoned them and hold the perpetrator accountable for his actions.

Only through this struggle for the soul of our people can we attain victory or any long term success. There is a need for a new rally cry behind that which can lead our people to a greater future and cure the poison once and for all. There must be an awakening within our people for them to secure their own existence. As a great man once famously wrote:

“The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of glowing passion; but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (Ch. 3, Vol. 1)

This passion must stem from those within the Folkish Worldview, who have embraced National Socialism utterly and entirely. Only these individuals will demonstrate the necessary strength of resistance to carry our people to the Final Victory. These individuals have within themselves the necessary Spirit for victory, which was born through struggle and sacrifice. These are the individuals which possess the capacity for leadership and a natural drive towards creative work. All advancements, all creative work which we see today, and all that we use today has been born from the creative individual and his genius. Never has anything sprung from the masses, rather it has always sprung forth from the individual in flowing passion and creativity. These individuals wake up everyday and realize their dreams. They do not wait for someone to act, they themselves take action and in turn others follow.

This is a call to all those individuals who seek a real National Socialist awakening across the North American continent to lead our Folk to victory and secure the future for our children. These individuals are essential in the awakening of our people, as they are the ones who possess within their very soul the cure which is essential in saving our race and nation. They have an unconditional love for their Folk and a deep yearning for struggle and self-sacrifice. All things take time, but we can welcome this struggle with open arms and let it build us rather than destroy us. That which cannot kill us will only make us stronger and in the end no force on this Earth will be able to resist the strength of what will be gathered through struggle, and through the necessary Spirit which is required for victory.

Hail Victory!